What do we do

SMART EXPORT offers a flexible and personalized internationalization service, at a sustainable cost even for small companies. Our activities are transparent and efficient, with the objective of preparing companies to enter the global market and assisting them in the follow-up phases of interaction with the interested foreign markets.


Many and different definitions of this term can be found. What we mean is simply SELLING, that is to say making it possible for foreign buyers to find your product or service, present it or make it known to a wider range of possible buyers than you have at the moment, explain to potential clients your strong points, promote YOUR made in Italy in the world and assist you during the process before, during and after sales. If you wish we can become YOUR trusted foreign office establishing a lasting relationship with your company. All our efforts are focused on reaching this result. 


 We supply a monthly report on what has been done, on actions in course and future strategies to implement. Every company is different, with different products and services therefore even the time necessary to reach a certain result can be more or less long. A quick and prompt process of internationalization doesn’t exist.


Preparation of the marketing instruments necessary for the promotion and sales via the internet site.

Presentation of the company in foreign languages. First initial telephone and text contact with potential clients. Organization of international fairs on behalf of the client and follow up assistance during the exhibition. Advertising  the product through suitable outlets to reach the target.


Translations of technical files of the products and of advertising material at a special price for our clients. All translations are done by native speakers to guarantee the quality of the service.



Lead generation

  • Finding new clients (called leads) via telemarketing channels.

Prospect generation

  • Selection of potential clients truly interested in the products being sold (called prospects)
  • We provide business offers, advertising material etc. and follow-up telephone and text contacts.
  • Management of interested potential clients
  • Conclusion of the sale and post sale customer care
  • Client fidelity
  • Consultancy/assistance to the client during all the various phases, from the first contact up to the conclusion and creation of a business relationship



Based on the guidelines of the client we look for and select a list of possible clients in Italy and abroad.



We take care of everything else which was not mentioned above in accordance with the specific needs of the client: preparation of customs clearances, find information with reference to exporting to new markets, letter of credit, means of payment, contracts and everything else which the client might need.

Our aim is to assist companies in their subjective needs.




  • Language assistance and presentation of  the products during International fairs
  • Creation of a web site oriented towards the global market or towards the clients needs
  • Translation service
  • SEO: service for indexing of web page contents to make the site visible on target markets
  • Viaggi in Italia e all’estero per conto dei committenti.
  • Trips in Italy or abroad on behalf of the clients.
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