Why we Export

  • Market extension from regional or national to International, increasing in this way, the number of potential buyers and consequently increasing business and related turnover
  • Decreasing  business risk due to geographical distribution of sales and increase of end markets
  • Overcoming problems linked to seasonal products
  • Reduction impact of fixed costs
  • Possible increase of productivity
  • Possibility of achieving  economies of scale production and marketing
  • Growth opportunities
  • Access to new ideas and stimulating experiences generated from contacts through International competition.
  • Image improvement with suppliers, clients, banks exploiting International visability
  • Competition increase in the internal market
  • Alternative goods supply sources, thanks to the presence of new markets different from one another that favour research with the possibility of verifying more advantageous conditions.



  • Considering exporting like an occasional activity, without assigning the necessary resources for its success
  • Facing the foreign markets in the same way you face the domestic market, without considering  existing diversities
  • Underestimating the various risks deriving from an International activity that are better to know in advance so they can be evaluated, faced and managed in the best and most efficient way.

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